Malaybasic: Malay Programming Language

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Malaybasic Game Designing & Programming Language

Malaybasic is the popular first programming language using Bahasa Malaysia. It is designed simillar to widely used BASIC programming language (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) but in Bahasa Malaysia. BASIC programming language ​​is a popular and excellent coding language for beginner to learn programming. BASIC enables a variety of applications to be created and the syntax is easy to learn. No wonder BASIC has been used widely in many Game building applications as well as being taught in many schools.

Malaybasic, free BASIC compiler

Malaybasic is a free BASIC compiler that provides BASIC programming languages ​​for professionals Game designer or for hobbies. It run in Windows Desktop application and can generate EXE or HTML code. Using the BASIC programming language, Malaybasic is able to create many different types of 2D Games. Malaybasic features BASIC classic constructs such as 'IF' and 'THEN', it also has modern influences such as 'function' and 'object' in the C style coding language. In addition, many Malaybasic commands have internal functions to assist in realizing your Game design.

Malaybasic Bahasa Pengaturcaraan Melayu Malaybasic Pengaturcaraan Bahasa Malaysia

Creating an applications EXE file is easy in Malaybasic. Once you do that, your applications EXE can be executed on any Windows Desktop. Creating HTML files is also an easy process. Instead of exes, HTML can run in any browser on any type of computer. This solution makes Malaybasic also good for web developers who want to create a web games and web applications.

Malaybasic provides complete and comprehensive documentation. All instructions have their own help page, an explanation of the instructions and most importantly examples of how to use it. This is very helpful to the beginner and also to profesional development game design studio.

Want to know more? Please download and try it yourself! Malaybasic is free!

Examples of Malaybasic programming languages

The following are examples of Malaybasic programming languages and how it ​​used in game design development:

'--------------- Contoh bahasa pengaturcaraan Malaybasic -------------------
'Aturcara berikut adalah cuma contoh bahasa pengaturcaraan dalam Malaybasic.
'Grafik and Muzik tidak diambilkira dalam merekabentuk.
Aplikasi "UFO",32*16,32*16,60: Tunjukfps
bps = sediabunyi("theme.ogg"):bunyi( bps )
ufo = sediabunyi("vba.ogg"): kpm = sediagambar("vba.png")
vba = sediagambar("pokok.png") : vb = sediagambar("hero.png")
Paksi( vb ,Lebar( vb )/2,Tinggi( vb )/2)
upsi = sediagambar("UFO.png")
Paksi( upsi ,Lebar( upsi )/2,Tinggi( upsi )/2)
warna 0 : kumpulan H(laju=5,x=0,y=0) : kumpulan ut (x=0,y=0)
sedia upu@H,moe@ut,pes% : mula()
fungsi GelungUtama()
     jika BerBunyi( bps )=0 maka bunyi( bps )
     jika sentuh(0)
          jika SentuhY()< upu.y maka upu.y = upu.y - upu.laju
          jika SentuhY()> upu.y maka upu.y = upu.y + upu.laju
          jika SentuhX()< upu.x maka upu.x = upu.x - upu.laju
          jika SentuhX()> upu.x maka upu.x = upu.x + upu.laju
     jika Kekunci(38) maka upu.y = upu.y - upu.laju 'pemain nak ke atas
     jika Kekunci(40) maka upu.y = upu.y + upu.laju 'pemain nak ke bawak
     jika Kekunci(37) maka upu.x = upu.x - upu.laju 'pemain nak ke kiri
     jika Kekunci(39) maka upu.x = upu.x + upu.laju 'pemain nak ke kanan
     'Adakah mereka bersentuhan?
     jika Langgar( vb , upu.x , upu.y , upsi , moe.x , moe.y ) maka
          pes = pes + 1 : bunyi( ufo ) : mula()
     'lukis latar
     dari x=0 hingga 15
          dari y=0 hingga 15
               gambar( kpm ,x*32,y*32)
               jika x=0 atau x=15 atau y=0 atau y=15 maka gambar( vba ,x*32,y*32)
     gambar( vb, upu.x, upu.y) : gambar( upsi , moe.x, moe.y)
     'lukis infomasi
     JajarFon(1) : warna(250, 250, 250) : sediafon("Helvetica",24)
     Tulis("Jumlah tangkapan: " + pes , 32, 48)
fungsi mula()
     upu.x = LebarSkrin() / 2 : upu.y = TinggiSkrin() / 2
     'Campak UFO secara rawak di skrin
     moe.x = 32 + rawak(LebarSkrin() - 64)
     moe.y = 32 + rawak(tinggiSkrin() - 64)


The 2D Malaybasic engine is based on html code. This provides the benefit of compatibility with almost all computers and mobile phones. Html Canvas 2D engine itself is very good as it is already used by millions of websites worldwide. In addition, compiles for html code have the potential to expand applications to other platforms such as Android, Mac, iPhone and others (This is the direction of the Malaybasic future - compilation for more platforms).

Game design and video game development

In this modern era of game design and Video Game development, objects have always been used to represent real life. Malaybasic provides a similar solution here by using the 'senarai' command. The 'senarai' command can hold many objects in common with just one name. And the objects in this list can also be removed and created while the application is running.

This object-oriented programming style helps make programming easier to understand and easier to customize. Objects help us visualize all the problems into what's known as objects. Objects store information about different objects and we easily refer back to them using only one variable name. And Malaybasic provides a way to handle all objects created using the 'untuk' loop command. This really helps with Game design. Moreover, it is the style of programming today.

Want to know more? Please download and try it yourself! Malaybasic is free!

Malaybasic Programming Certification Training Course

What You Will Learn in this training:

The Malaybasic Programming Language course teaches and training students to learn the syntax of the Malaybasic language; Game design approach of programming with the Malaybasic programming language; creating graphical user interfaces (GUI), exceptions, file input/output (I/O), threads and networking. Programmers familiar with object- oriented concepts can learn how to develop Malaybasic games. The course uses the Malaybasic Software with Javascript and some graphic application for the training.

This course includes:
The Malaybasic Starter Kit, which is a CD-ROM package containing the Malaybasic development training, as well as the associated graphic, media and documentation. It also contains reference books, sample code, and technical articles who are interested in adding the Malaybasic programming language to their list of skill and students who are preparing for the Certified Programmer for Malaybasic certification exam

The primary audiences for this course are meant to Secondary school student who want to learn how to develop Malaybasic application

To succeed fully in this course, students should be able to learn:
This Course will be conducted with interactive lectures group and individual discussions, question and answers and practical exercises and lab experiences

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to :
Create interesting Game using Malaybasic programming language.

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