MalayBasic ... Free programming language in Malay

MalayBasic is a powerful programming language running in Windows. It is in Malay language and completely free. Suitable for creating games and Multimidia application. Compile your game as executable file EXE or HTML document that can be running in all platform.

Malaybasic Easy Game programming language

MalayBasic language is based on the classic BASIC programming language. It is easy to learn, and it also powerful due to extention to a modern facilities like 'function' and 'object'. The compiler is professional and stable. Try it now!.

Download MalaybasicDownload MalaybasicDownload Malaybasic
Here are some features of Malaybasic:
  • It's in Malay language.
  • Easy to codes programming language.
  • Complete documentation. All commands have their own help pages, instructions and examples of use.
  • Great for learning and teaching programming.
  • Syntax coloring editor.
  • Image and Graphics including JPG PNG ect.
  • Sound and music including WAV OGG ect.
  • Create standalone programs EXE or Create HTML document with the same code.
  • Structured programs using functions, select/case, and more..
  • Extended commands and function.
  • And...It's free.

Try this sample games: SPACE , FLAPPY

Malaybasic Game maker programming in Malay language Malaybasic Basic programming in malay language

Malaybasic Bahasa Pengaturcaraan Basic Melayu.jpg

Download MalaybasicDownload MalaybasicDownload Malaybasic

Malaybasic is in Malay language. All forum and help documentation is done in Malay. Please click the link below for full access to website in malay.
Link: Bahasa Pengaturcaraan Melayu
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